Early Morning Flight

Early morning monastery
Sunday London town
Up and out
Underground first train
Up to Stanstead airport
Quiet as a mouse
Driverless tram
Rides to exit door

Flight takes off for Ireland
Destination Knock
Land so early
Very few around
Met by sister Tricia
Into Castlebar
Cup of coffee
Imperial Hotel

Here I am
The peaceful west
Where Davit formed the League
Escape from crowded London
Seeking ease
A troubled heart
I carried
Time would bring release
In the meantime
Mammy’s quiet gaze

The power of flight
Has taken me
From busy London town
And set me down
In Mayo’s quiet fields
An escape of sorts
A comfort time
Ease from troubled thoughts
But flight is not the answer
In the end

You have to face
What troubles you
Facing will resolve it
The things you fear
Will never come to pass
You find your way to the light of day
The brightness will surprise
You are meant to find
Your own true happiness

Brian Fahy
19 June 2021

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