Your Own Gethsemane

Matthew 5:38-42

Startled when I heard it
I knew it to be true
Even though the how and wherefore
Seemed impossible to do
Love your enemies
He tells us
Do good to those who wrong you
It seems so foolish
Yet I know it’s true

Meeting hate with hate
Leaves both in pain
Anger on to anger
Energy down the drain
Nourishing offences
Wanting others hurt
Leaves the world in torment
Rolling in the dirt

We are actors not reactors
In this world of pain
Jesus in Gethsemane
Shows the way
He faces foes
With constancy
Refuses to strike back
Stands his ground
Prepared to have his say

Every struggle every challenge
Calls us to this place
Be brave enough
Be constant in the fight
Rid ourselves of anger
Rid ourselves of fear
See the other
In a truer light

Brian Fahy
13 June 2021

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