Integrity is such a lovely word
But in the mouth of Boris Johnson
Forgive me, quite absurd
When he speaks
It seems he does not know
What words from his mouth
Are about to flow
Whatever makes the case
Or does the trick
His hesitant delivery
His humorous flick
All meant to keep the show
Upon the road
But keeping promises
That’s about to fold

Being Mr Nice Guy
Will not fix it
Toss and turn
Is guaranteed to fail
Saying what people want to hear
Is such a weary business
While doing what you please
Lands folk in jail

In Ulster
There live a cornered people
And cornered is a nasty place to be
We need to take the pressure
Off that cooker
Or explosion is the next thing we will see

The marching season is upon us
But the talking season never goes away
May the spirit of John Hume
Descend upon us
May Ulster people know
A peaceful day

Brian Fahy
14 June 2021

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