Crown Territories

So the UK is one country?
Well that is news to me
A kingdom, yes
Or ‘Queendom’, if you will
A political unit of sorts
Though that is now fragmenting
But, one country?
Really, do your sums!

England is a country
Scotland too
Wales is a country
Nothing new
And Northern Ireland
Is a fragment of a Province
Of British folk who wish to stay UK

The Plantation of Ulster
Has left us with a problem
When Ireland as a whole
Wanted away
The war a hundred years ago
It hasn’t gone away
Violent feelings
Are stirring by the day

In our war of words
Don’t play dishonest games
‘One country’ will not do
It is not true
We are very different nations
Distinct and different throng
Under the crown
I wonder for how long

Brian Fahy
13 June 2021

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