A Pinnacle Of Achievement

He would have died for sure
Had he hit the ground
But Trooper Steele
Was hanging in the air
His chute caught on a pinnacle
And flat against the wall
He saw his comrades die
As they fell

Two hours he hung there
Wounded in the foot
Then spied and captured
Take down alive
Four hours a prisoner
He makes a quick escape
And joins more troopers
Back to take the prize

Ste Mere Eglise became
His home from home
His later visits
Not quite so extreme
An honorary citizen
Of the town
An auberge bears his name
And gives renown

Freedom then
Came falling from the sky
And many fallen lie now
Quite close by
Lives lost cruelly slain
May it never occur again
No more war films
No more the John Wayne cry

Brian Fahy
2 June 2021

+ John Steele (1912 – 1969) was the name of the paratrooper.

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