Whirlpool of the world
Old winter witch
Washing plaid at sea
Communism coming
People disappear
Whirlpool of the world
Takes you and me

Orwell unaware
Of swirling waters
In a dinghy, out upon the sea
Suddenly upended
Man and boy suspended
Life or death
Which one will it be?

Safely beached together
On an island
Rescued by a passing boat
And home
Fearful of that other
Communism’s reach
He kept a gun

Books he wrote
To save tomorrow’s children
Warning of the foul ways
Of the world
Animal Farm and 1984
The Road to Wigan Pier
That’s by my door

Two ferries take
Twenty miles to drive
Then walk four miles
A cottage you will find
Barnhill on Jura
Orwell’s retreat
From here he warned us
Of this world’s deceit

This world of Trump
A world of what you wish
Say what you like
It’s anybody’s guess
Conspiracy theories
Flood our every day
It’s Corryvreckan
Stealing you away

Our social media now
A Corryvreckan
Upends your life
Tips you in the sea
Make sure your craft
A strong and sturdy vessel
Avoid that pool
It’s un-navigable
You see

Brian Fahy
2 June 2021

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