Surprised By Joy

I have a house all mine
I have a home
I have my health thank God
I live alone
I am widowed now nine years
But grandsons come
To be my joy
To take away my tears

I was not ever thus,
As Newman says
I struggled in the years
When Margaret died
I hit rock bottom
One day katatonic
Welcome to depression
The dark side

Now recovered
Never felt so good
The journey of my life
Well understood
I am in a place
I never thought to see
A happy place
Pure tranquillity

Our life is meant to be
A work of art
A task achieved
A journey of the heart
I thank God for the grace
That brought me to this place
To simply be
And simply play my part

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

+ I find great echoes of life in the story of C S Lewis as portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in Shadowlands.

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