Ecco Materdomini

It could have been
Three hundred years ago
As we drove along the road
In mountain passes
Somewhere In Campania
We passed a funeral line
Walking along the road
A Redemptorist father
Leading a family procession

We were heading for Materdomini
Sanctuary of San Gerardo
We had left the 20th century
The modern world behind
Not only heading inland
But arriving in the past
A place not far from Eboli
Where Christ stopped

The town had suffered badly
In an earthquake
Terremoto shaking of the earth
Church was badly damaged
Monastery okay
We joined our brethren
For a midday meal

I just remember
How at home I felt
Among these brethren
Peasant folk it seemed
Typical south Italian
I am I and you are you
Let’s get on with it
TV on a game was due to start

Rector said the grace before
A brother wandered round
Distributing the mail
Just arrived
We were welcomed
Without fuss
Sat us down among a happy easy gang
Pasta came
And beautiful
And sauce to share all round
And the wine the wine(!)
From Sicily I saw
Delightful and delectable
Delicious, give me more
I could sit among you
Till the end of time

Sadly I had to leave
And journey back to now
To busy modern world
Roma style
But that day I spent
Campania way
I never will forget
When I want comfort
I go and sit a while

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

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