Fresh Air

It is hard for me to realise
How many now have died
From Covid in this world wide
Three and a half million
I am told
Google’s instant addition
People gone before their time
Not old

Today I have opened windows wide
Opened back door
The sun outside
And now a breeze
Is wafting in my face
My lungs expand
So gratefully
The wind about my cheeks
I feel the breath of God
The Holy Spirit’s grace

My father worked
Where wind ne’er came
The dark of mine
The gritty air
That clogs the lungs
A desperate lair
And smoking cigs
As if not bad enough

The air we breathe
This sweetest air
We cannot see
But it is there
And opening windows
Invites a living stream
Yesterday’s stale air is gone
A freshness comes
It’s a new song
So sing it breathe it
See where you belong

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

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