Got into bed last night
Half past ten
I remember turning out the light
And then
Nothing more until this morning’s light
Opened my sleepy eyes
A sunny sight

Where did I go?
In those hours of darkness
I do not know
No way that I can tell
Except to say I slumbered well
My body rested I can tell
My mind is rested too
Where did I dwell?

We dive down deep
It seems
When we’re asleep
Sometimes a funny dream
Leaves vestiges
Traces of a story that just fades
As daylight takes our dreams
As hostages

Bedtime as children
We played at rabbits
Burrowing down deep
In blanket land
Glad at end of day
Finished work and play
Let the ship of slumber sail away

Now at ten of evening
I am tired
From writing poems
Writing all day long
Making my contribution
To this world’s evolution
This my life
My happy evensong

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

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