The Miners’ Strike

Scargill and Thatcher
Deserved one another
One was as bad as the other
Strident noisy one-way street
Clearly never the twain shall meet
The nation suffered the bother

The clear agenda there to see
I am out to destroy you
Tory government should not be
Scargill’s only philosophy
Trade Union power an evil set
I’ll get revenge for Saltley yet
Margaret Thatcher’s bee

In the middle mining folk
Some are working
Some are broke
What the future holds no one can see
And police recruited like an army
Fighting our own stupid barmy
A legacy of hate breaks family

I take a mediator’s view
It’s possible to make a life that’s new
If parties are party to the process
But if the aim the end in view
Is I’ll make mincemeat yet of you
The sorry tale will only end the grossest

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

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