Life Sentence

Vivid memory
In bed seminary
Cold of some sort
So confined to barracks
13/14 was I?
Sat up in that bed
Something wrong here
World too small I said

Didn’t leave
More’s the pity never mind
Got out in the end
Another story
It’s the limited edition
That reminds me
How narrow were the strictures
I endured

Closed walled college
Life all lived within
Walks with permission
Go outside
Six years hard
No remission
Crazy way of
Bringing up a child

Then novitiate
Up upon that hill
One year praying
And eating well your fill
But no association
With any other nation
Come to do God’s will

Then the great imprisonment
Endless fields
Endless horizon too
Sequestered there in silence
Books and praying zoo
Ordained at the end
And then released

Towards the end
The words ‘human formation’
Began to do the rounds
To appear
But the damage had been done
A world of little fun
I’d been locked up
For year on blessed year

Brian Fahy
1 June 2021

+ I hated seminary but obediently endured it. Thirteen years of being completely blocked off from life. BF.

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