Earth and Sea and Sky(A poem before breakfast)

The cliffs at Ceide
Fall sheer into the sea
Jagged layers of rock
Stand up in the storm
North facing wall
Crashing waters
Four hundred feet the fall

The rollers that
Come tumbling on the strand
Beside Cross Beach
The Mullet’s quiet land
Enjoy a gentle welcome
As they meet
The force of earth
The sand beneath my feet

The cliffs at Ceide
Speak in louder tones
The roar and crash
Of waves upon the stones
The waters that flow in
On Mullet strands
Are handshakes
Where the powers understand

We meet in life
In contrast certainly
And sometimes conflict
Rules society
A time to stand
Against an ocean roar
A time to welcome
Waves upon the shore

The beauty of this world
Involves the twain
Where sea meets land
And land meets sea again
And over all
The over-arching sky
The azure blue
The stormy clouds go by

I marvelled
At the Ceide Cliffs one time
Their frightening depths
Worried this heart of mine
Give me the gentle waters
On a strand
That mesmerise and calm
The teeming mind

Brian Fahy
15 May 2021

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