Person And Society

Jesus called disciples one by one
His invitation bore their personal name
And different they were from one another
No joy at all if they were all the same

Together he formed them as a group
Not a collective no, community
All human life is made of these two elements
The person and the good society

The person on her own, is individual
A lonely state I do not recommend
Society at the expense of individual
A communistic hell – heaven forfend

Our politics is either one or t’other
The Tories love the freedom of the ‘I’
And Labour had to fight for common justice
But sometimes to excess it lost the ‘I’

The struggle is how to get the balance
Person and society we need
Preserve us from pursuit of selfish pleasure
Preserve us from injustice and from greed

The family a model for our thinking
Each one a most important part to play
And different we are from one another
But together we live and work and play

It’s sad to be a private individual
Torture to be part of the common herd
I am a person worthy of respecting
And society a place that shall be shared

Brian Fahy
14 May 2021

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