Holy Habits

The things we do
Leave their mark upon us
Especially if we do them
Often enough
Like praying night and morning
Half an hour
In chapel on my knees the quiet stuff

For years and years
In common meditation
The Reds are on their knees
In silent prayer
Their boss, Alphonsus said
It is the secret
And guarantee to heaven getting there

Praying is
A direct line to God
And if it’s true
We’re on a sure fire thing
Just being silent
Soothes the soul for living
Lulling us as back and forth we swing

To spend some time
In quiet contemplation
Is the busiest thing you’ll ever do at all
Being still
To let the Spirit enter
Will fit you for
Whatever comes to call

I thank the Reds
Who trained me for the battle
Who gave me gifts that I am using still
Now you were on the money
Like you I’m busy always with my quill

Brian Fahy
15 May 2021

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