Don’t you want to believe?

The man said to the girl

Only if it’s true the girl replied

And I – I want to believe

Indeed in truth I do

I believe he rose

Yes the man who died


He raised a young girl from the dead

His words ‘talitha kum’

The widow of the town of Nain

Received again her son

And today we see as Lazarus

Is called out of the tomb

I believe yes I believe

O Lord thy kingdom come


So many people in this world

Do not hold any hope

When you die you’re dead and gone

Cry but do not mope

But faith gives us a vision

And the energy to see

The kingdom of blessed one

Awaits for you and me


Brian Fahy

25 March 2023


+ The ending of the film Doctor Zhivago concludes with words spoken to the daughter of Zhivago, reuniting her with a life she thought she had lost. Don’t you want to believe? Only, if it’s true.

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