The Disappeared

At dead of night

The turbo prop takes off

Above Atlantic waters sheds its load

A human cargo

Twelve bodies in the night

Thousands of feet they fall

Out below


Now the plane is found

Found five bodies too

Pilots too identified

Of that fateful crew

Bodies in the sea

Soon washed up to shore

You cannot hide the truth

It comes out more and more


The promises of Jesus

Stay with us every one

Every hair of your head has been counted

You are not a forgotten one

And all those disappeared

One day we’ll see again

I am the resurrection

You shall be



Brian Fahy

24 March 2023


+ An article in the Guardian today tells of the ‘death flights’ during the time of the military Junta in Argentina. People were tortured drugged and taken out over the Atlantic and thrown out to their deaths. Now a day of reckoning has come.


The gospel today speaks of how the Jews looked to arrest Jesus and do away with him, something they eventually succeeded in doing. But death shall not triumph over us. You are worth more than hundreds of sparrows.

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