The Edge Of Things

Everything is utter here

The edge of everything

Sheer cliff hills fall to the sea

A pounding sea roars in


A wide and broad Atlantic

Curls in around this coast

Quiet islands lie offshore

The Mullet’s gentle boast


Standing on the edge of sand

Where western waters weave

Looking to horizons

On days that saw me grieve


Sea and sand majestic sky

Nature’s open frame

Quiet homes and quiet times

Erris is the name


Brian Fahy

18 March 2023


+ All my summers brought me back to Erris, to my mother’s home and to the Mullet and its sandy beaches that look out to America. Behind me was the busy world of human noise and cities. Escaping them, I found myself at the world’s edge, where sea and land collide. The beauty of nature is here in mountain and sea and sky. I am looking westward following the path of the sun. Our life is a journey westward from the east’s early dawn, through the heat of midday and into the west where the sun declines and sea and sky meet on a far horizon. But I do not yearn to travel to that horizon. I love this place where I am, here and now: The day that’s in it. Today has its own drama and we are always on the edge of things

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