Not For Me

It isn’t sport

When only one team wins

When money talks

And players walk

To join the team of teams


It isn’t sport

This pressing game

Choking all the space

Like killing your opponent

Aggressive in his face


It isn’t sport

When winning

Is the only game in town

And fans become fanatic

To knock the other down


It isn’t sport

It’s sickness

I can’t give it the time of day

I’d rather go along the road

And watch the children play


Brian Fahy

18 March 2023


+ Manchester City has become the ultimate winning machine. Money makes them, players join them, and a strange-hold kind of playing style means that other teams cannot match them. Brilliant players, yes, and brilliant football betimes, but this pressing game kills it as a spectacle. So greedy for the ball, they are like a spoilt child who will not let others play with his ball. And fans can become so conditioned by winning that they cannot cope with setback and quickly become angry and frustrated. The game as was is now big business. Alas.

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