Darkness Into Light

‘Come home mother dying’

So the telegram said

And my Mammy went home to Ireland

To find her mother dead


Those were years of crisis

For the family

My father’s health was broken

I was nowhere near


My mother then went out to work

Domestic service first

But soon she got her skates on

Became auxiliary nurse


Tricia rose to prominence

Since I was far away

Bossed her siblings merrily

Fray Bentos for tea


Out of crisis came career

My mammy rose supreme

Matron of a forty bed

Wigan Metro’s queen


The darkest hour we often say

Is just before the dawn

The dying sun may melt away

But look it’s getting warm


Brian Fahy

18 March 2023


+ Being away in seminary, I missed out on so much of family life. I became a stranger in my own home. (So much for seminary!) I never witnessed the events described above. I was told them. My father’s health broke down and he suffered dark times because of it. My mother had to go out to work and it wasn’t long before she began to make her mark as a carer and as a qualified person to care for the elderly.

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