Social Attitudes

He was welcomed back to Nazareth

Folk proud of their own

Smiles and handshakes all around

Good to have you home

Nice to see you back again

Come in and settle down

See you synagogue Sabbath day

We’ve heard you’ve broke new ground


But then it all back-fired on him

Murmurings went round

This is Joe’s lad carpenter

What’s this game he’s found?

Reading preaching teaching

Where did he get all this?

This is not the lad we know

We’ll not be having this


It must have been a shock to them

To hear the things he said

And what we cannot understand

We like to scoff instead

How soon our pleasant attitude

Can turn to sour repulse

A short step then to violence

He wasn’t one of us


Brian Fahy

13 March 2023


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