Say It


St Mel’s Cathedral Longford

 A place I used to pass

When driving to the West in days gone by

I visited tonight

Internet online

And heard a sermon preached

Oh my oh my


Brilliant and powerful

Engaging of the soul

Listened to each word and knew them true

There’s nothing more important

In all our passing days

Than listening to a word

That sparks in you


Then I went to London

St Mary’s Cadogan Street

I knew the priest in there would do the trick

And sure enough he spoke to me

And poured the gospel fine

You’ll never hear a finer thing

Than a gospel every time


Brian Fahy

12 March 2023


+ Jesus captured my heart at an early age. There is nothing more important in life than to hear words that reach you, inspire you and drive you on. Gospel preachers are needed everywhere.

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