‘Great’ Britain

The Irish were not welcome here

But they came here in droves

Driven out by famine

Or just working on the roads

Poverty in Paddy’s land

Drove them out from home

They are settled now in millions

Diaspora alone


The black man was not welcome here

He wasn’t one of us

Though Windrush did invite them

To drive us on the bus

They are settled now in millions

Their children all true Brits

UK is multicultural

A richness now exists


The dark skinned folk from overseas

They are not welcome here

Creeping in on little boats

Driven away by fear

We see them as a problem

Don’t really want to know

Now a cruel government

Will try a legal blow


Isn’t it time we changed our tune

And learned to open arms

Get to know who’s coming here

Knowledge removes alarms

Hear the story they might tell

Join it to our own

Bring in the wealth of others

To come and share our home


Brian Fahy

11 March 2023

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