Play Your Part

I’m old now

There’s nothing more to say

No sermons yet to preach

No audience to teach

I am now what they call ‘passee’

But that just makes me laugh

I’ve seen and learned so much

It’s good to write it down

And pass it on


The Lord today faces enemies

He doesn’t point the finger

Punch the chest

He tells a simple story

Invites comment on the tale

Can you learn the lesson?

Good or ill


If you attack an enemy

You give him an excuse

To defend himself against you

And by this simple ruse

To ignore the telling point you make

To cast it on the wind

Our energies are wasted

In struggles of this kind


Look at all encounters

That Jesus has to make

Look at how he handles

These folk for goodness sake

It’s possible to live your life

Without animosity

It will demand of you great patience

And that is bravery


Brian Fahy

10 March 2023

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