Never Walk Alone

You remember Grace Millane

A lovely girl

Went travelling the world

Alas alone

Brave new world these days

You’ve got a phone

Instant contact

Wherever you may roam


There is danger in this world

And you don’t know

A Tinder App

Will get you in the flow

And cosy drinks

With someone you don’t know

Will lead to something dark

Where did you go?


We remember Sarah Everard

Walking home one night

A quiet London evening

Then taken from our sight

Women are not safe at all

That’s the sorry plight

You cannot be too careful

Sorting wrong from right


Brian Fahy

8March 2023


+ Grace Millane was an innocent abroad. Always positive and cheerful, she had never known evil. She was essentially alone on the far side of the world and resorted to Tinder to find company, company that killed her.

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