Remember Where You Came From

It’s standing still

That little church in Hindsford

Though closed up nigh on twenty years

I bet it feels the chill

By rights they should have knocked it

But someone said you can’t do that

It’s beautiful it stays

And so a preservation order

Saved it from the ‘dozers

And weather will do what ‘dozers didn’t

Wear it all away

And one day ruination

Will bring the building down

Too dangerous to leave

Knock it down


It was a little gem

No doubt about it

Sandstone house of God

Stained glass too

And local people loved their little church

Proud of it they were

So am I

I learned so much inside that little church

Crib and cross and stations

Tabernacle too

Sanctuary lamp bright burning

The Lord is here with you

And men’s strong voices

Singing in the choir

And Lanky folk and Irish folk

Mixing in together


The little school next door

The parish house

A little enclave

Good community

What a way to start your way in life

So warm and friendly

The centre of the world


Brian Fahy

7 March 2023

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