London Smog

Trapped beneath high pressure

No wind to blow fresh air

City coal fires burning

Citizens unaware

Coal smoke turning toxic

Nowhere else to go

Into houses into lungs

People dying slow


Four days of this agony

Fearful awful smell

Darkness in the daylight

London a living hell

Hospitals are crowded

Deaths are soaring high

No one knew just what to do

In the end twelve thousand die


Then the wind began to blow

The problem disappears

Leaving in its aftermath

A tale of grief and tears

Warm air stuck above us

Coal fires burning bright

Create a killer cooker

For four long days and night


Brian Fahy

6 March 2023


+ High pressure stationary over London for four days, in December 1952, turned the city into a trap of poison as coal fires burned and sent smoke into the air, where it could not rise due to the warm air above it. This smoke turned the air to sulphuric acid. There was no escape.

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