Woman of Erris

Stand in the busy street

And you don’t count at all

There are thousands there just like you

Crushed beside a wall

The noise is ever deafening

Would destroy your soul

And traffic always traffic

Seeking out its goal


But look at where you came from

A world just there for you

Mountains in the distance

Achill near to view

Doona Castle Fahy

Where the Spanish came

And Blacksod Bay beside you

Our own little Spanish main


Today they will lay you down to rest

In busy New York town

A place that never sleeps they say

That would get me down

But Erris will call out to you

Its beauty will provide

The kindness of your nature

You learned down Erris side


Brian Fahy

24 February 2023


A lady of Dooriel, Ballycroy, Anne McGuire has died in New York. The visual contrast of the Bronx and Dooriel could not be greater and that prompted me to write about that – St Brendan’s Church in the Bronx and the landscape of Dooriel. Then I began to read the messages of condolence on the Midwest Radio Website and discovered that this lady was deeply, deeply loved by all who knew her.


The people of Erris had to leave that wild and wonderful place to find work and so make a living. There was a time when they would never be able to return. It is good that those days are over.

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