From Quiet Places

They came from quiet places

People of the bog

Down a quiet boreen

Beside the door a dog

Cottages of whitewash

Curling wispy smoke

A welcome warm inside

Tea to warm the throat


Out they went and far away

Over to New York

And lived their days with energy

Good nature and fine talk

And home they came on holiday

When parents were alive

Back along that quiet road

Where first they learned to thrive


The busy streets of Boston

The sidewalks of New York

The streets of Philadelphia

Manhattan and the Bronx

All these crowded places

Far from the western shore

And laid to rest in USA

Gra mo croi astor


Brian Fahy

22 February 2023


+ I read the obituaries everyday in the Midwest Radio website and always feel haunted when I read of someone who has died in New York but whose life began in a quiet home in Belmullet or Ballycroy.


My mammy had the best of it as an exile. After sixty years in England she came home to Mayo and had sixteen years back in the land of her birth.

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