Down From The Mountain

Mark 9:2-13


We do not see

It isn’t for our eyes

That glory on the mountainside

A glare to mesmerise

Enough for us the daily scene

From morning light till dusk

Enough for us the common sense

In which we put our trust


The Lord appears among us

A normal human soul

Read him as you read another

Judge him fair or foul

He does not seek for splendour

Or signs to make you stare

He talks a human language

Gives us what we can bear


Three things we need to live this life

Three things to balance true

Faith in the goodness that we know

And hope to follow through

And love most kind for everyone

For family friend and foe

These are the powers that anchor us

And direct how we shall go


Brian Fahy

18 February 2023


+ The divinity of Christ is not something that Jesus reveals to all. His humanity is enough to reveal who he really is.

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