Sort It

It’s the physical force view of life

I’ll come and sort you out

Cut out all your nonsense

Or I will make you shout

‘He stands up for me, Lee’

A right wing overture

Bring back the death penalty

Sort them out for sure


It appeals to right wing voters

The common sense brigade

None of your left wing wooliness

Call a spade a spade

A short sharp shock we like to say

Do the world of good

Keep them down where they belong

Something understood


Russia likes this sort of thing

China likes it too

Don’t stand any nonsense

We’re coming now for you

Physical force philosophy

Do as you are told

The only way to deal with those

That we regard as bold


Brian Fahy

9 February 2023


+ Jesus was accused of being a disturber of the peace. Right wing conservative authorities had him executed. Jesus was not politically right or left. His way has room for everyone.


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