Bridget Carey

I still go back in memory

And sit beside the fire

And watch the turf fire burning

The sods make it go higher

Nanna’s bed adjacent

The crocheted quilt across

The matriarch of Erris

We knew she was the boss


Warmth and light emitting

The fire drew us in

Cold and dark outside

The rain setting in

But here beside the fire

The happiness of home

The cosiness and comfort

You’d never want to roam


But roam they had to faraway

Away across a sea

To England and to Manchester

A life to find you see

Then coming back with children

Once more within that fold

They came back to their mother

And all their stories told


Brian Fahy

8 February 2023


+ My Nan had eight children, six girls and two boys. Four of those girls, Katie, Bridget, Sheila and Ellen went to Manchester and settled there with their families. They made annual trips home to see their mother, who was a widow for forty-two years. Nan died in 1962, aged 87 years.

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