Your True Self

They say when you hit forty

You are responsible for your face

The point it makes is worthy

Self pity a disgrace

The early years are learning years

You have to learn the tune

But by the time you get to forty

That’s when you should croon


The numbers aren’t exact I know

For some it can take longer

But there comes a point in every life

When really you should be stronger

You know the score the system

You’ve been around the block

Time to take your share and part

Nothing more should shock


Emotion belongs to childhood

Sulks to teenage years

Sadness then and misery

Come to join our fears

Dark depression then assaults

And threatens to destroy

But faith in God can conquer all

And lead to promised joy


Maturity and gratitude

The goal of every life

Reading our story backward

We see the joy the grief

Now the wisdom of the years

Comes clearly into play

Be a joy for others to know

Show them all the way


Brian Fahy

24 January 2023


+ A friend of Margaret’s said to me after she died, ‘I only had to see Margaret on the street and it made me smile.’

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