Robert Burns

Dark haired and good-looking

A man in love with words

A poet and a lover

His feast day now returns

Not all of him was lovely

But who are we to scorn

A man like any other

His frailties well known


I found his words a student

They held me in their thrall

What voice is this? What man I wonder

What his rallying call?

A voice to call out lovers

Of lassies and of life

A man who strayed and fathered more

Than he had with his wife


A man who struggled all his life

And died at thirty-seven

And left with us his writings

That point the way to heaven

A man’s a man for a’ that

Yes and Ae Fond Kiss

Robert Burns immortal

And your immortal mouse


Brian Fahy

22 January 2023


+ January 25 is Burns Night.


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