Hidden Things

Ireland was a romantic place to me

Scene of summer holidays and free

Open air and mountain views

Turf fires burning wear no shoes

A paradise on earth and utterly


For others it was hell and misery

Magdalen laundries another history

The State bowed down before the Church

Many folk left in the lurch

And all because of blessed purity


Holy Ireland was a fantasy

Ruled by Rome as the Prods would say

Celibate clergy laying down the law

Do as I say or you’ll get what for!

These things have come to light – a blessed day


Brian Fahy

21 January 2023


+ Today I watched two films from RTE entitled Ireland’s Dirty Laundry. Good, well-balanced films they help us look at our history in a clearer light and to see how unwise it is to allow the Church to have such a dominant place in society. The Lord called us to be leaven in the dough, and not the baker of the bread!

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