Winter’s Day

This icy cold this arctic blast

Takes me back in time

To a moment in my childhood

Coming home at dinner time


Myself and Tricia both at school

Walked home for lunch one day

Wrapped up against the winter chill

For dinners we did not stay


My balaclava kept me warm

As snow lay on the ground

Icy cold and freezing

It made a crinkling sound


And in the house a table set

Two little chairs beside

And there a roaring fire

The warmth of our fireside


The sight so filled my heart with joy

Delightedly I said,

Tricia haven’t we got a lovely home!

My mother remembered it


The frosty cold uncaring world

Brings challenges to us all

But a loving home to nurture us

Keeps the spirit tall


Brian Fahy

21 January 2023


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