Ould Mick Foy


I passed my grandfather

Shuffling down the street

A man of eighty then

A lovely man to meet

He was on his way to Paddy’s Hump

A pint of mixed to sip

And I for playing snooker

A very special trip


The year I’d say was 61

And I fourteen years old

Granddad at the end of days

His journey nearly told

I remember an independent man

Though clearly getting frail

But not for sitting in the house

He’d go and get his ale


He worked so hard all through his life

In the mines till 65

Then years in Ward and Goldstone

Till 78 he spied

A fiddle player in his youth

A mighty Mayo man

I’m getting near your age granddad

I’ll shuffle as I can


Brian Fahy

16 January 2023


+ Michael Fahy, my grandfather, born 1881 in Westport, County Mayo, died 1968, aged 87, in Tyldesley, Lancashire.


‘Paddy’s Hump’ was the name given to the Catholic Club in Hindsford. It sat on a rise of ground and as the catholic community was made up chiefly of immigrant Irish labourers, it well deserved the name.

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