Dark Secrets

Priests did not inhabit a world of crime

They lived in a world of sin

And sins are to be confessed

And then absolved

And the sinful priest can carry on

It’s fine


And sins are secret

Never see the light

In dark confessional

We confess and put it right

And counsel firm amendment

Three Hail Marys say

Go in peace my son

Be on your way


And if complaints come in

And light is shone

We quickly damp the fires

All scandal gone

The priest moved on

And counselling is sort

Our holy reputation still afloat


The victims of the crime

Were never known

They were too young

Best just left alone

And all unseen their misery ensued

They sought relief from sorrow

Sad and crude


The holy world knew sin

Did not know crime

We closed our eyes

It will go away in time

But when the dark

Is brought at last to light

Our duty then

Is make sure we put it right


Brian Fahy

16 January 2023

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