Schools, Employment, Hospitals

It was our boast the NHS

Post war equality

After all the men that died

Fighting Hitler see

And we nationalised the coalmines

So my dad could get a wage

And we got an education act

So folk could read a page


The mines are gone they had to go

But not the way they went

Cold-hearted Thatcher

Cold-hearted government

And education has been through change

The grammar school demise

And as for our poor hospitals

Brings tears to our eyes


And private health care grows apace

Fine if you can afford

But what about the folk that’s poor

Not seen and never heard

We have a duty every one

I am my brother’s keeper

Look out for one another

Or trouble will get deeper


Brian Fahy

12 January 2023


+ We do not need new anti strike laws. The fact that this government seek to bring them in is woeful, wicked and typically Tory. And that a multi-millionaire politician is the leader of the country merely serves to show how the rich man never really sees the poor man at his door.

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