Life in Ordinary

Our little lives are ordinary she said

Our little lives are ordinary and sad

I find in that a cause for true rejoicing

It keeps us level saves us from the bad


Sun and rain fall on all alike

No favourites with the Lord I think you’ll find

Though many seem to prosper and others fall away

The Lord has eyes for everyone and kind


The Lord who promised paradise from a cross

Suffered persecution to the end

And this world is not the measure of our lives

The risen Lord is beside you a true friend


Brian Fahy

9 January 2023


+ Lucy Mangan in the Guardian, has written a fine piece on the interview with Prince Harry, and ends her reflection commenting on how all our lives, our little lives are ordinary and sad. They are many other things too, but ordinary and sad are prominent characteristics, and I think, very helpful in shaping us into well -rounded human beings with tender feelings for others.

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