Galilee of the Nations!

What is the light that dawns in Galilee?

A gentle person yes – that we know

A preacher and a healer

Welcome to the show

But what is it specifically

That marks this person out

And shows me how to live my life

And there’s no need to shout


It is respect and dignity

With which he honours you

He greets you and he talks with you

And wills you to be true

And arguments are conducted

With no animosity

And difficult truths are spoken

Without hostility


Nothing can be gained

Without generosity

The spirit of understanding

The desire to set you free

The light appeared in Galilee

Darkness cannot win

Begin this year a follower

And follow follow him


Brian Fahy

7 January 2023


+ All our struggles and conflicts are doomed to frustrate us for as long as we show little respect for our opponents. Jesus was strongly opposed by many people in his time and called wicked things. He stood his ground and answered people but never in a manner intended to do them down. He was not ‘Mister Nice Guy’. Sometimes the truth is difficult for us to take but people just being nice to us solves nothing. The Lord’s manner of negotiating life each day is the blueprint for us all. It involves having to suffer others and their ways, but it really is the way of life.

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