The Woods

I remember a walk

A nature walk

Our class in Atherleigh Woods

Children walking two by two

Orderly and good

Eileen Alldred left the line

And ran right up to me

And kissed me then to my surprise

Delight in memory


Today I see an Elm has died

A Wych Elm I am told

Wych means pliant bendy

Not good for fuel or build

But sturdy oh so sturdy

Eight hundred years or more

Now it has fallen to the ground

Lies broken on the floor


I found the woods a wonder

Tall trees standing there

Were they quietly watching us

Who strayed into their lair?

This a completely different world

Silent and serene

I always remember Atherleigh

And the kiss she dared to bring


Brian Fahy

5 January 2023

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