Broken Fences


‘I picked up the phone and mended a fence’

My cousin said to me

I found it an eloquent sentence

The restoring of harmony

A while since he’d talked to his brother

Some argument had come in between

But now he picked up the phone

And brothers are brothers again


Many fences are broken in this world

And left unattended to rot

That’s how cattle stray

And drift far away

Simply because we forgot

Or refuse to bury the hatchet

What’s broken is your fault not mine

And so we perpetuate grievance

And the world goes to hell every time


The wood we use to make fences

They took and fashioned a cross

And the Lord they then fastened to it

The sign of this world and its loss

But the sign of the cross is our fortune

This suffering redeemed us from sin

Take up the cross every morning

And follow the Lord follow him


Brian Fahy

8 December 2022


+ A cousin of mine, a retired lawyer in Wisconsin, wrote me the line about ‘mending a fence’ and it stuck with me. The world is full of broken fences but we can mend some.

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