Work for Peace

This is not a war said Putin

But a special military operation

I laughed at first and thought it was a lie

A deceit a euphemism

But today I understand

It is what he meant

What he intended to do


Feeling threatened by NATO

And its expansion

He sent in tanks to bolster his defence

Ukraine must stay neutral

And now he is bombing it into

A rump state


Our first responsibility

Is to understand what is going on

To interpret truly the state of our world

To understand our ‘enemy’

But also to critique ourselves


We in the West

Have a great deal to answer for

In this present mess


Here in the UK

Our government thinks

It is re-enacting Churchill

And the days of Empire

Sending armaments and cash

Cheerleading from the side


We think ourselves superior


Do not fear those who can kill the body

And after that can do no more

Fear rather the one who can send body and soul to hell

Fear the evil one


We can all fall foul of him


Brian Fahy

2 December 2022


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