All in All

Dark and dank December day

Mist and fog the while

And I inside all snug and warm

Live in single file


Just myself to bother me

Yes I live alone

I am told there are millions of us

Waiting by a phone


Talking is done on television

And on the Internet

Or in the silence sit and read

Be calm and do not fret


It suits me so this quiet life

I had monastic practice

I did not choose – I lost my wife

Keep going now keep active


The bus stop is my meeting ground

I’ve met a load of folk

And chatted while we waited

And often shared a joke


I have my life lines that’s the point

My brother keeps in touch

Every day Whatsapp-away

I appreciate it very much


And son and grandsons call on me

Oh how rich is that!

More than I ever bargained for

Just fell in my lap


So life could not be better

Given the all in all

Thank God for every morning

Let fog and mist befall


Brian Fahy

1 December 2022


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