Man on a Cross

My father had no choice

A war broke out

He had joined the army

To see the light of day

Away from coalmine’s darkness

And sent to sunny climes

Three years he was in India

He called them happy times


And then the war and Hitler

Everybody doomed

To years of stress and misery

But life went on it seemed

And when the war was over

We learned the awful truth

Of death camps and death marches

And how nations lost their youth

The millions killed in Russia

The rape of the Ukraine

We told the stories

Wrote the histories

Please God never again


But human nature’s constant

Of course there’ll be again

It happens all the time

Sunshine wind and rain

All of us are sinners

We could go to the bad

So say your prayers and bend the knee

And don’t be looking sad


The person that we follow

Is called the crucified

Why would you follow failure?

Why follow one who died?

Because he is the love of God

Born in flesh to be

The way the truth the life

Follow follow me


Brian Fahy

20 November 2022


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