The Stilling of the Guns

The guns fell silent

War was over

Millions lay dead

The war to end all wars

So the people said

But war is ever with us

Even children feud

Fighting over territory

Dominance renewed

Rivalry and jealousy

Raise their ugly head

We look askance untrustingly

So many many dead


The Wild West is a teaching aid

Life outside the law

A hunting ground for ruthless men

Those quick on the draw

We took the land from Indians

Made our own new world

But the gun was never far away

Its sound forever heard


Blessed are the peacemakers

The teaching of the Lord

Not those who hide from trouble

That will never serve

But those who with the rising sun

Rise to meet the day

And face this world with gentleness

And show the world the way


Brian Fahy

11 November 2022  

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