When I was ill

How did I get well?

A tablet calmed by senses

That is true

But the cure was in the talking

With someone there for me

And something much much more

Than tea and sympathy


Honest talk unravels knots

That bind us hard inside

Honest talk empowered me

To be and not to hide

Honest talk established truth

And truth is on our side

Honest talk released my spirit

From hidden bands untied


And Christ is come among us

The honest talk of God

The saving word the truthful word

That cuts through rent-a-mob

He comes as fire upon the earth

His word is blazing still

Live by it and learn from it

Our freedom is God’s will


Brian Fahy

20 October 2022


+ Seeing a friend of mine in a dire way has caused me to recall the days of my own suffering, and to see how powerfully, honest conversations with a counsellor restored me to health. Our ability to be well is always with us and it is the good and truthful word that will bring it to life in us again.


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