Tell Me A Story

Luke 10:38-42


Billy Connelly began his life as an entertainer by singing and playing music, but he quickly discovered that his gift for telling stories was his true talent. What began as giving introductions to songs suddenly became the main programme. The songs got shorter and the storytelling longer. People loved it and Billy had found his niche and his metier.


We go to the theatre to see plays or listen to a comedian so that we may be entertained by story. In the evening at home in front of the telly, we look for a good story to watch. Telling stories and listening to stories is our great way of bonding. Don’t bore me with theory. Tell me a story.


At the house of Martha and Mary, in today’s gospel story, Jesus is happily talking to Mary and no doubt bringing her up to speed with all that has happened to him in recent days. Mary is a good listener, a great audience. He can relax here. Martha begins to clang the pots and pans in the kitchen, and starts to complain about needing help. Jesus calms her down.


It’s great to have a meal, and yes they will have a meal, but let us put first things first. Being able to talk to someone and to have someone kindly listen to you is the greatest feeling of all.


Don’t forget.


Brian Fahy

4 October 2022

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