The Break of Day

People deny the wrong they do

Blank blot out don’t see

Private wrongs are hidden away

I am presentable me


Until I have to stand in court

And face the evidence

The public knowledge of my deeds

The shame of my offence


I saw interrogation true

A policeman brings to light

All the deeds of darkness

Till now kept out of sight


He did not batter the suspect down

Or shout accuse or lie

He treated him as equal

And gently began to pry


The suspect saw the doors all close

Escape was out of reach

Only silence now remained

And finally the breach


We need true conversations

To live a wholesome life

Parents with their children

Husband too and wife


Prayer is the greatest honesty

Be still before the Lord

Face his goodness every day

Listen to his word


Brian Fahy

3 October 2022


+ I have just watched a video of the police interrogation of Colonel Russell Williams, in Ottawa in 2010. The psychological brilliance of this interrogation brought a man in denial to admit all the wrongs that he had done.

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